A Woman’s Guide to
Power, Presence and Protection


A Woman's Guide to Power, Presence and Protection

12 Rules for Gaining the Credit,
Respect and Responsibility You Deserve

In 2020, Penguin Random House Mexico published El Poder de Poder (The Power of Empowerment) by Paula Santilli, Mónica Bauer and Marty Seldman.

Paula is CEO of Pepsico Latin America, a top female CEO in Latin America and selected as one of Forbes 100 Most Powerful Women in the World. At the time, Mónica  was her head of public affairs and communication. Recently, she was promoted to a similar role at Pepsico worldwide headquarters.

Paula and Mónica are passionate about empowering women at all levels of society in Latin America, so they invited Marty Seldman to collaborate in writing El Poder. Marty had coached both Paula and Mónica during their careers at Pepsico. They asked him to contribute concepts and skills that had been useful to them and many other women in their career journeys.

Since that book was published, the authors have delivered speeches, workshops and seminars to thousands of women around the world. The positive responses encouraged them to bring out an enhanced English edition full of case studies, dozens of practical skills and techniques, self assessments and inspirational profiles of 9 international female leaders.

In their new book, Power, Presence and Protection, they are joined by Jovita Thomas-Williams, a senior Human Resource executive at Massachusetts General Hospital. Over many years Jovita has taught the 12 Rules to both women and men of color. She shares her insights in a powerful chapter, “The 12 Rules for Women of Color.”

    When you read A Woman’s Guide to Power, Presence, and Protection, you will:

      • ZSharpen your knowledge about power, and how power shapes what gets rewarded and recognized in your organization.
      • ZDetect to protect: learn how to “see it coming" and protect yourself from power plays, stolen credit, tarnished reputation, and marginalization.
      • ZCreate a fair, accurate picture of your contributions, talent and potential.
      • ZDemonstrate the right kind and amount of self-promotion to keep the pace and progression of your career on a positive trajectory.
      • ZMaster the verbal and nonverbal aspects of Executive Presence so that you and your ideas will receive serious consideration.
      • ZLearn the basic practices of "healthy selfishness" to preserve your time and energy and set yourself up for success.

      100% of the royalties and profits
      from this book will be donated to
      FUNDES Latinoamerica and to World Neighbors.

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