A Woman’s Guide to
Power, Presence and Protection


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A Woman’s Guide to Power, Presence and Protection

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A Woman’s Guide to Power, Presence, and Protection is a timely look at empowerment. The authors walk us through 12 rules that lead to power as they show us the actual value of using and keeping power. Based on serious research, these are critical rules to enhance your work presence while maintaining control. Women can utilize this book to carve a path to a successful career and family life.”

Dr. Diane Hamilton, Business Behavioral Expert, author of Cracking the Curiosity Code


“Informs and inspires! Like having a prime seat at a life changing seminar.”


Silvina Moschini, CEO of SheWorks! and Executive Producer of UnicornHunters


“This book is a MUST read for any woman in a leadership role or seeking to represent herself more effectively in any professional or personal space. The authors discuss 12 rules as a framework to not only facilitate but elevate voice, presence and agency and put into action servant and value-based leadership. This book gives women the tools to know themselves, to be themselves and rise successfully above gender biases, inequities and close existing gaps.”

Marcela Del Carmen, MD, MGH, President of the Massachusetts General Physicians Organization, Massachusetts General Hospital


A Woman’s Guide to Power, Presence and Protection provides the vital skills women need – leveraging their power, influence and organizational savvy to realize their success. This book is a must read for women, the men who support them and companies looking to win in today’s economy and competitive world.”


Nila Betof, PhD. COO, The Leaders Edge (retired)


“The authors have offered a practical and insightful master class to help women utilize their full power and potential in the workplace. Sage advice with numerous examples to help women overcome implicit and gender-based expectations.”

Steve Milovich, Former Senior Vice President, Human Resources, The Walt Disney Company, and President, Milovich Partners


“I could feel the warmth of these brilliant and successful women sharing their stories and vulnerabilities. The rules are very useful and actionable. I’m ready to start practicing today and to share them with the women (and men) around me!”


Tanya Trejo, Women Affinity Group Board Member


“This book is a breakthrough, a landmark in supporting and encouraging women leaders. Recognizing that the game is different for women is not enough. We need insightful and practical guidance to help women recognize and unleash their incredible skills and power in the workplace. As the father of two working daughters, I celebrate this book and the opportunity it offers to help them gain the credit, respect and responsibility they deserve.”

Peter D. Gibbons, Former CEO of TireHub LLC


“A must-have guide for women as well as the men with whom they work. Powerful, practical with hundreds of gender-specific savvy, collaboration, self-promotion and protection tips you can use immediately.”


Ed Betof, EdD, WW, VP, Talent Management and CLO, BD (retired), President, Betof Associates, LLC


“My time with Marty on the 12 Rules gave me such deep insights into potentially self-defeating behaviors that I was engaging in without fully recognizing them at the time. Thanks to the 12 Rules I have really benefitted from looking at myself differently and accepting I could make improvements that would not only help my career – but that could also help me support others around me.”


Susan Morris, Chief Operations Officer, Albertsons Companies


“There is no more important talent strategy for a business than to attract, develop, and empower women. This book is an invaluable contribution to achieving those goals. Seldman’s proven and practical tools and tips will help any woman enhance her effectiveness as a leader, grow her career, and effectively navigate the inevitable organizational politics with integrity. In addition, the experiences of three highly successful female business leaders provide real world perspective and validation of the tools as well as 9 inspirational stories of success. It is a must read for any aspiring female business leader.”


Mike White, Former CEO of Directv


“It may take until 2085 for women to achieve equal status with men in some leadership roles in the United States, according to estimates. If you don’t want to wait that long, read this playbook and apply its 12 powerful rules today.”


Caroline Leach, Executive Coach and Former Fortune 100 Executive


“This book is required reading for any woman in business, and a blueprint for ensuring your power and full potential are unleashed. The proactive and protective skills are necessary to not only survive and thrive in business.”


Lyndsay Lord, Chief Human Resource Officer, DECA Dental


“This guide provides critical insights on impediments female leaders face in the business environment. At the same time, it provides practical steps on how to address these issues and level the playing field. CEOs and business leaders who take advantage of the 12 Rules will create a competitive advantage in their organizations and unlock the full potential of their teams.”


Dan Guill, Chief Executive Officer, Enlivant


“The important work presented by this book has extraordinary value and will have positive impact on any individual, organization and to society as a whole. This must read will equip the reader with practical tools to do better at all aspects of life, unleash one’s raw potential, and become a stronger, better person.”


Tomer Harpaz, Former CEO, Sabra Dipping Company, LLC


“This refreshingly frank book’s 12 Rules are each explained with real-life examples and augmented with CEO perspectives, all focused on issues that most often affect women leaders in the workplace. It mentors women leaders by equipping them with the tools they need to succeed with integrity and savvy while staying true to themselves.”


— Mike O’Sullivan, General Counsel, Snap Inc.


“Phronesis! Once again Marty shares practical wisdom for navigating organizational life. This time he’s partnered with some incredible senior female executives to share personal stories of how they have applied these principles to navigate more purposeful outcomes.”


Portia Green, Vice President, Organization Strategy, Talent Development, & Inclusion, Direct-to-Consumer, NBC Universal


“As always, Marty’s narration is well researched, relatable and simple to read. The 12 rules, if understood and implemented, will enable organizations to offer equitable opportunities to female leaders based on their talent, contribution and potential.”


Omer Gajial, Senior Vice President of Pharmacy and Health, Albertsons Companies


“I’ve had the privilege of witnessing the incredible impact that Marty can have on individuals, particularly in his ongoing support and work with female leaders. He has been an important resource of mine for over 25 years in helping shape best in class senior management teams.”


Mike Theilmann, Executive Vice President and Chief  Human Resources Officer, Albertsons Companies


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